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Ask the Board is a way to communicate with the Pines at Kimball Bridge Board.

When a question is submitted it will be presented at the next scheduled board meeting,

it will be discussed and/or researched, with the answers posted here on the website for

everyone's knowledge.


Simply email your question to:


Please keep the questions about the community, Thanks.



What can we do about Solicitors?


Some neighbors have complained about solicitors in The Pines even though we now

have our "No Soliciting" signs up. Advice was sought from Alpharetta City Hall on how

to effectively handle this. The following addresses a possible response if unwelcome

solicitors are at your door.


* If a neighborhood posts "No Soliciting" signs at its entrances and are on the "City

of Alpharetta No Solicitation List" (and we are), soliciting is illegal.


* There are two exceptions: religious groups and children accompanied by an adult

(which allows for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts selling their cookies and popcorn). This is legal.


* If someone comes to your door selling a product, the City of Alpharetta ENCOURAGES

you to say you're going to call the police (thenon-emergency number, 678-297-6300.)

The city wants this stopped. The response will be a timely appearance of an officer riding

through our neighborhood to tell them to leave the area.


* If you object to religious groups knocking on your door, a resident may make a sign

addressing this and post it on your mailbox and front entrance. This is legal because it is

your private property.


* A document entitled "The Alpharetta MUNI Code" was specifically created to protect

neighborhoods from unwanted solicitors.



Can we install sidewalks in the community?


Adding sidewalks in The Pines were suggested by a few residents as an area of interest

for the Board to pursue on the survey that accompanied the dues notice. After talking to

the Alpharetta engineer, we were informed they are not an option for us. They cannot be

added to already established neighborhoods. Street lights, electric boxes, and underground

wiring prevent this addition.


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