Covenants and Bylaws 1985.pdf
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The following constitute amendments to the protective covenants and bylaws of the Pines at Kimball Bridge subdivision

Dues Increase-Initiation Fee 2008.pdf
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Board of Directors Amendment 2013.pdf
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Vehicles Parking 2014.pdf
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Authority-Enforcemnt-Fines- Penalty 2015[...]
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                              THE PINES HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION, INC.


          FEES : 


  1. Annual dues to the homeowners’ association                                                  $160.00
  2. Initiation fee for new homeowners (one time charge)                                      $160.00


Annual dues are due December 31st of the current calendar year for the following calendar year. Bills are normally mailed in October. Late fees are charged at the rate of $15.00 per month.


The initiation fee and the registration and transfer fee are due at closing. Check(s) should be made payable to The Pines Homeowners Association and mailed to:


The Pines Homeowners’ Assoc., Inc.

4575 Webb Bridge Road

Suite 2242

Alpharetta, GA 30023



To request closing documents please contact:

Ken Figiel,  Treasurer     404-408-9351


Please do not wait until the last minute to request closing information. It takes time to get all of the information together, so please put your request in as soon as possible.

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The Pines at Kimball Bridge Homeowners Association, Inc